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Before you start, you need to make a decision, do you wish to design your own site, or do you wish to use one of the OWN AN ONLINE CASINO ready made sites with your own site title. Alternatively, you can place banners with your unique tracker number on your own site. Quick, easy and COMPLETELY FREE! There are no set up fees.


  1. Read our Marketing Agreement carefully.
  2. Fill out the form (right), and once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an e-mail containing your unique OWN AN ONLINE CASINO member Identification Number and password ( may take up to 24 hours, dependant on your time zone). You will also receive instructions on how to link to If you wish to use one of OWN AN ONLINE CASINO’s ready made sites, the links will be enabled for you by our design team.
  3. Once your casino is active you can check your stats. You have 24/7 access to your real time stats. Your stats will give you instant information on how many people have visited the casino, how many players are YOURS, how much revenue they have generated and how much of it will be YOURS!
  4. You will instantly receive credit each time a player makes a purchase to play games at the casino, not just the first time, but every time. Current averages suggest that earnings of at least $150 should be realised from each player you refer. The more YOU promote, the more players YOUR CASINO will receive, the more money YOU will earn.
  5. Payments are made once a month based on the following commission schedule.
    Purchases Payout
    Any amount 30% of net*
    Webmaster over-rides 5% of net*
    (*net revenue = purchases less cash outs by players)
  6. Your casino will offer your players many ways to enjoy their online casino experience: YOUR CASINO is accessible to the online world regardless of operating system (AOL, MAC, NT, Win95/98/2000, Unix, Linux and WEB TV). Anyone who has access to the World Wide Web is a potential customer of YOUR CASINO.